Start a Roofing Newsletter with Us

Start a Roofing Newsletter with Us

A roofing newsletter is a regular publication many roofing companies share with customers and potential clients.

Some send it weekly, others biweekly, and others monthly.

How often you should create one depends on the topics and info you want to develop and share.

The only rule we recommend is sending it to people that subscribe to it.

With the evolution of the internet, the importance of a roofing newsletter has become a top priority for any digital marketing strategy.

Its main purpose is to inform your clients and prospects of any news about your company and the roofing industry in general.

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Roofing Newsletter: Three Pillars

At Roofers Going Digital, we are experts in the roofing industry.

We have been working with roofing companies for over three years and are familiar with residential and commercial roofing subjects.

However, you know more about your company than us, and that’s why it’s so important we have an onboarding meeting and constant communication between our teams.

Let’s look at the essentials of a roofing newsletter together:

1. Content Calendar

As mentioned above, the goal of a roofing newsletter is to keep your clients and prospects informed.

Therefore, we will develop a content calendar that will include all the roofing topics you want to share with them.

For instance, if you want to share info about a specific roofing material or roofing service, we’ll make sure that’s on your calendar.

We will also include special offers, events, or any updates you want to communicate.

You can trust we will create content using a simple and friendly tone, so even clients and prospects unfamiliar with roofing will be able to understand every topic and be entertained.

By doing this, you will surely pop into their minds the next time they require roofing services.

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2. Branding and Layout

Your branding will set your company’s color scheme and remind readers you are a trustworthy roofing professional.

Roofing is a visual service; we won’t miss the opportunity to include vibrant photos and illustrations of your roofing projects.

We will use headers and subheaders to ensure your readers can easily navigate the content.

Your subscribers will feel you are the best option on the market and will hire your services.

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3. CRM Automation

A complete roofing newsletter strategy is not finalized without a CRM database.

We will connect an email marketing tool to your website so you can build a newsletter subscription database.

With a CRM, we can ask for more info than just your prospects’ emails, for instance, address, phone, location, and more.

The CRM will also help you build follow-up sequences and long-lasting relationships with your potential clients.

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Start a Roofing Newsletter with Roofers Going Digital!

The content in your roofing newsletter should be highly relevant to your audience and provide immediate value.

With our roofing newsletter strategy, your potential clients and prospects will be up to date with your roofing brand.

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Lead Generation Tips for a Roofing Business

Lead Generation Tips for a Roofing Business

Nowadays, every roofing business should have an online lead generation strategy in place.

As a roofing business owner, you should be on top of the latest trends and technologies your potential clients are using.

Running a successful roofing company is not just about having a high-quality product or service; it is about offering the best possible customer experience.

With an online lead generation scheme, you can incorporate new marketing techniques into your traditional marketing efforts and create an outstanding overall strategy.

Start reaching out to your prospects online, converting them into leads and final customers.

If you’re serious about increasing the sales of your roofing business, do not miss out on the following lead generation tips:

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

We bet you use the internet to look for products and services!

The same happens with your target audience; most people look for their roofing services online, and they do it through their cell phones.

That’s why you should make an excellent first impression, and your roofing business website cannot be missing any user experience features when navigated from a mobile.

Focus on fast responses, use more photos and videos, create call-to-action buttons, use a chatbox to communicate, etc.

Remember, smartphones are taking over the marketplace.

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Stay at the Top of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we have mentioned many times before, you should present yourself as the solution to your prospects’ problems.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy where you position your roofing website on the first page of results of the leading search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Increasing your online presence will help you create greater brand awareness for your roofing business.

Anytime someone looks for roofing services within your area, your website will be there for them.

With Roofers Going Digital’s SEO strategy, you will have the following benefits:

  • Direct communication with prospects and potential clients.
  • Easy reach to your local marketplaces.
  • Access to new ways of selling roofing projects and services quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Creation of relevant and valuable content to help your potential clients relate to your roofing business better.

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Start a Digital Advertising Campaign

We are sure that through your traditional advertising efforts you probably bought billboard and magazine ads in the past, at least once.

However, traditional advertising is no longer as effective as it used to be.

Customers’ mindsets are changing and they tend to ignore traditional advertising, whether in newspapers, TV, or radio.

The success of traditional advertising campaigns has dropped by 90% in recent years.

That’s why aggressive advertising won’t be efficient, and you should consider adopting digital advertising for your roofing business. It will bring the following benefits:

  • Campaigns that are cheaper and easy to measure.
  • Ability to reach millennials, the primary target audience for roofers who represent 65% of online users.
  • Clear understanding of the results you’re getting.
  • Increase in your social media follower base.
  • Easier reach into national marketplaces.

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Start a Digital Marketing Campaign for Your Roofing Business with Us!

Transitioning from the traditional way of doing marketing to digital marketing can be complicated, but Roofers Going Digital is here to help you.

Roofing companies that embrace digital strategies for lead generation will certainly have a measurable advantage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a step ahead of your competition.

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Digital Workflow to Build a Roofing Brand

Digital Workflow to Build a Roofing Brand

Roofing contractors who implement a digital workflow to build a roofing brand tend to stand out.

As you may know, the digital transformation in the roofing industry refers to using tools such as Google, social media, lead generation, website, AI, etc.

If you have heard of them but aren’t using them yet, whether because you don’t know how to, or because of lack of time, keep reading!

In this article, Roofers Going Digital will explain all the steps you need to follow to build your roofing brand.

Implement the whole process and you’ll start noticing the results!

1. Define Your Target Customers and Potential Clients

As a roofing marketing agency specializing in the roofing industry, we are familiar with all the different niche markets you can identify.

For instance, if you are a commercial roofing company with property managers and building owners as a target audience, your content should be related to commercial roofing issues and present your business as the solution.

One common mistake is pushing information about your products, primarily as a sales pitch rather than explaining who you are and why they should pick you instead of others.

That’s why a strong digital plan should start with defining your target customers and potential clients.

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2. Analyze Your Competitors

Use decision-makers tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Sprout Social.

When using competitors’ analysis tools, you can identify how other roofing companies generate traffic.

Uncover mobile-desktop traffic and locate which areas of your roofing market receive more.

Include demographics research and create content that can resonate with the customers you’re trying to reach.

Online users are savvy buyers who will often research you before deciding where to purchase their roofing services.

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3. Have a Clear Mission and Core Values

To build a successful roofing brand, you should always think about your customer first.

Many roofing companies introduce themselves as a catalog of roofing products and services.

Of course, your prospects must know about your products, but if they don’t know anything about you or how you can help them, why should they hire you specifically?

Establish your mission and clear core values, share them with your crew, and include them in your communication strategy.

4. Set Up Your Short, Mid, and Long-Term Goals

Define what you want to accomplish by launching your new digital campaigns: creating brand awareness, lead generation, or closing more sales.

Write down your actions and deadlines to track your progress, install the Google Search Console and the Analytics, and see what works and what doesn’t.

Pro tip: You should set your long-term goals to 5 years.

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5. Create and Share Engaging Content

Share all your roofing knowledge; create posts and articles to showcase your roofing expertise.

Upload photos and videos of your roofing projects, testimonials, reviews, and valuable content that can introduce you as an expert.

Show your prospects that you’re a roofing professional and you’re there to make their lives easier.

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