The Google strategy for roofing companies will help you position your brand in the digital world. 

Despite most roofing contractors being aware of Google’s impact on our lives, many of them are not using it yet.

The ones who do tend to just settle on a few basics, like listing their website on Google My Business.

Of course, that’s fine, and it has to be done, but Google is more than just Google My Business.

A Google strategy for roofing companies should be one of the pillars of your digital marketing efforts.

Let’s look at the most important aspects to consider.

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Add Your Roofing Company’s Website to Google Search Console

According to Google, “Google Search Console (GSC) is a free service provided by Google that helps you analyze, maintain, and improve your site’s presence in the search engine results pages (SERPs).”

In other words, it has the purpose of enabling people to discover your website faster amongst search engine results.

In addition, you can leverage the tool to understand how Google perceives your roofing company’s website in general.

It will give you a thorough analysis of the keywords that people use to visit your site daily, as well as how much traffic you’re getting from them and which are the most visited pages.

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Do Not Forget to Install Google Analytics

According to Google, “Google Analytics (GA) is a website traffic analysis application that provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website.”

The main difference with GSC is that Google Analytics will give you information on the types of visitors who are coming to your roofing company’s website, instead of focusing purely on your page’s performance.

For instance, it shows demographics, location, time spent, acquisition (how are they finding it), unique page views, behavior, and more.

Connect your roofing company’s website to Google Analytics. Start Measuring!

Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s online directory. 

It enables roofing contractors to upload their roofing company’s info and integrate it with the Google search engine and Google maps.

A GMB listing offers you the opportunity to increase your local search rankings and serves as an additional resource for local traffic.

In addition, it will let your customers write you a review, which is an essential ranking factor for local SEO.

You can share your roofing company’s location, working hours, website info, contact info, photos, and more.

Show the best of your roofing company. Get listed on Google!

Invest in Google Adwords

Roofing companies of all sizes use Google Adwords or pay-per-click advertising, from small and local contractors to nationwide roofing manufacturers and brands.

Contrary to SEO, it can have immediate results and is one of the best digital strategies nowadays.

However, Google Ads requires a certain level of expertise, and a common mistake made by roofing contractors is spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars without knowing what they’re doing.

We strongly recommend you contact a Google Ads expert before starting to use it.

Get more customers and generate leads with Google!

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The Google strategy for roofing companies offers enough advantages for every roofing contractor to increase their presence online.

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