5 Benefits of Content Creation for Roofers

Content Creation for Roofers

Every roofer should have some knowledge of content creation.

However, we have noticed that many roofers still seem to be unfamiliar with this concept.

Or perhaps they have heard about the benefits of content creation for roofing companies, but they are still not sure how to approach this.

That’s why at Roofers Going Digital, we have created this blog post to explain the benefits of content creation for roofers and clear those doubts.

Let’s go!

1. Brand Awareness

By uploading content consistently to your website, your potential clients will spend more time reviewing it.

They will get more opportunities to familiarize themselves with your roofing brand, which will help them gain more trust in your business and increase your conversion rate.

If your content is valuable to your prospects and they think it’s helpful and informative, they are more likely to think of your company in case of roofing issues.

In addition, when combined with a social media content strategy, content creation will help your customers perceive your brand as a trustworthy and established leader in the roofing industry.

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2. Increased Website Traffic

Content creation for roofers will help you to index more pages in the Google Search Console, which means you will have more opportunities to rank higher and position more keywords in the search engine results.

In other words, you will have more traffic, which means more leads and, consequently, more final customers.

Content creation should include different types of content, such as blogs, podcasts, videos, and quality pictures of your roofing projects, to attract new visitors, viewers, and listeners.

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3. Higher Domain Authority

Google ranks your website page based on three criteria: relevant content, user experience, and page speed, in that order.

So sharing more valuable content will increase your roofing site’s perceived expertise, authority, trust, and relevance.

In the same way, if your roofing content earns more inbound links from external sources like social media posts, email clicks, or even other websites, your domain authority will increase even further.

In addition, user experience strongly correlates with content creation, so the more quality content you share, the more organic traffic you will gain on your website (SEO).

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4. Increased Social Media Traffic and Followers

As mentioned before, content creation for roofers should include social media.

Sharing valuable content on social media will help you build more recognition and a better reputation with your audience.

This will lead to an increase in your follower base, interactions, loyalty, and a closer relationship with your potential clients and customers.

In addition, a higher number of social media followers guarantees more traffic to your roofing website.

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5. Validation of Your Prospects’ Decision to Hire You!

Whenever a potential client sees a new piece of content from you or gets an email about your latest offer or project, it assures them they can hire you for their roofing issues.

You can send newsletters with all the info you want to share with them.

Our content creation for roofers includes weekly newsletters for our customers.

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Content Creation for Roofers Is a Must!

Content creation requires researchers, copywriters, editors, and designers.

At Roofers Going Digital, you can trust you will have a complete team working on your content creation strategy.

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4 Reasons to Hire Roofers Going Digital

4 Reasons to Hire Roofers Going Digital

Before checking the 4 reasons to hire roofers going digital, please answer the following question: How many roofing businesses are you competing with in your area?

Maybe the answer is many, or maybe just a few. In both cases though, you are all fighting over the same customers.

Most roofing companies tend to focus on traditional marketing efforts to get new clients, such as brochures, truck wraps, correspondence, referrals, etc.

So, what makes you different from them? An online marketing campaign can be the difference.

Keep reading to find out how hiring us can help you!

1. We Have Proven Roofing Industry’s Knowledge and Sales Experience

Our CEO and Founder, Francisco Serrano, has been a successful sales rep who made over 2 million USD in commercial roofing projects in the last two years.

He also has over five years of experience implementing sales and marketing tactics in the roofing industry.

He knows how to overcome sales objections and position your roofing brand as an industry leader.

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2. Our Inbound Marketing Strategies Are Proven to be Successful

Roofers Going Digital’s methodology is based on the inbound marketing system.

We will define your target audience based on their roofing issues and needs through extensive research and analysis.

Creating and sharing valuable content will allow us to attract, engage and entertain your potential clients and prospects. We will make them understand your purpose and approach.

Lastly, thanks to our social media campaigns, we will put active listening into practice, which means we will find out what your customers are saying about roofing in your area.

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3. We Give You a Return On Investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) is the results you get from all the efforts included in your online marketing strategy.

They range from building a follower base, brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty, to retaining and satisfying customers, and directly earning you revenue.

By tracking your return on investment, you will:

  • Understand the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. 
  • Demonstrate the value of digital sales within your roofing business.
  • Show how digital strategies can impact all departments, ranging beyond sales reps and managers to executives and roofing contractors. 
  • Drive and measure brand reputation and gain control of it.
  • Prove to board members the value of budgeting for your marketing efforts.

The return on investment will let us make adjustments to what isn’t working.

4. We Focus on Creating a Remarkable Online Customer Experience

Online customer service is probably the most significant reason to hire Roofers Going Digital.

Also referred to as customer care, it is the most effective online marketing method.

In today’s digital world, all the interactions are public, and people can record or take screenshots of your exchanges, showing how they’ve been treated.

We have seen many roofing companies that struggle to build good business relationships, and often only focus on closing a sale.

Remember that how customers are treated on digital platforms says volumes about a roofing brand.

Roofers Going Digital will make sure all of your customers and potential clients enjoy every step of their digital journey.

Build Loyalty for Your Roofing Brand with Roofers Going Digital!

These are only some of the reasons to hire Roofers Going Digital.

If you’re struggling with your online marketing strategies, call the experts.

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7 Benefits of Branding for Roofers

7 Benefits of Branding for Roofers

The benefits of branding for roofers are often underrated.

Remember, how you introduce yourself to your customers and prospects matters more than you think.

Aspects such as your logo, colors, image, tone of voice, and reputation can be your best friend or worst enemy in the online world.

That’s because many of the interactions are public and can define your roofing company’s online presence.

That’s why more and more roofers are implementing a branding strategy as part of their marketing efforts.

Here are seven benefits of branding for roofers:

1. Builds and grows your follower base

Make sure all of your social media profiles and online content looks consistent.

Headers, profile pictures, bios, and headlines should follow the same branding guidelines.

By having everything in place, you will get recognition between homeowners and building owners, indirectly growing your follower base.

2. Improves your reputation

One of the beautiful things about branding for roofers is deciding who you want to be.

Develop a brand voice, talk friendly, casual, and always be humble. 

Start conversations with your audience and answer their doubts, comments, and inquiries about your roofing services.

Show that you’re listening and you care about their situation.

3. Amplifies your reach

Excited and engaged customers will cause a word-of-mouth effect.

Act just like you would do at any roofing conference. 

Try to leave the best impression by engaging with new individuals and building relationships.

Show genuine interest in the conversation, and respond by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.

4. Gives you qualified roofing leads

Roofers can have a tight schedule; you may prefer investing your time on the job site instead of pre-qualifying leads.

That’s why you should consider branding for roofers, as one of its benefits is receiving already qualified roofing leads.

Thanks to our communication campaign, your network will be customized based on your buyer personas.

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5. Humanizes your brand

Invite people from your crew and your team to share their day or be part of your online strategy.

Humanize your brand by putting a face to your content.

In Francisco Serrano’s words: People want to do business with people, not with logos.

6. Builds loyalty

Provide additional value to your audience, share roofing tips, tricks, advice, fun facts, etc.

Responding to those questions that many homeowners and building owners might have will create a level of loyalty that many roofers will envy.

7. Drives revenue growth

A branding strategy for roofers gives you financial gains by increasing your sales.

Pushing out relevant content will benefit your roofing company’s brand, customers, and prospects.

At Roofers Going Digital, you can trust that you will have a Return on Investment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Branding for Roofers with Roofers Going Digital!

Does your company follow any guidelines to build a strong roofing brand?

By developing a branding strategy for roofers, you will be part of the digital revolution.

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