The Mechanics of Roofing Lead Generation

Roofing Lead Generation

Roofing lead generation is an online prospecting strategy that aims to get the contact info of roofing companies’ potential clients.

The digital revolution has forced roofing companies to include roofing lead generation in their marketing strategy.

Nowadays, roofing companies have become more competitive thanks to improved overall marketing tactics.

That’s why your marketing efforts should focus on both inbound and outbound strategies.

In general, roofing lead generation overtakes all other advertising channels when it comes to reach and ROI.

Why? Because everything is measurable, and as most people are connected to their phones for at least 2 or 3 hours daily, they are easy to reach.

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The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that aims to attract customers through relevant and helpful content.

The complete methodology includes the following steps:

  • Attract
  • Connect
  • Close
  • Entertain

The goal is to provide value at every stage of your buyer’s journey.

With Roofers Going Digital’s inbound marketing strategy, your prospects and potential clients will find you through communication channels like social media, search engines, emails, and blogs.

The main difference with outbound strategies is that you won’t need to fight for your prospects’ attention.

Instead, you will ensure they contact you first.

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Roofing Lead Qualification

A qualified roofing lead is someone who has indicated an interest in your roofing company’s product or service and is open to sharing their information with you.

Now let’s assess each scenario:

  • Social Media Direct Messages 

When a potential client reaches out to you via direct message on social media and asks about a specific roofing product or service, you have to ask immediately for their information.

When it comes to roofing lead generation, your followers see your content daily, which means they know exactly who you are and what you do. 

  • Landing Page

When a visitor discovers your roofing business through social media, you need to use a call-to-action to promote your website.

This action will allow them to visit your landing page.

A landing page is a web page your potential clients are directed to, to learn more about you.

The goal is to capture their contact info through a form and get in touch with them later.

Your landing page should explain why they should trust your roofing services.

  • Live Chatbox

With a CRM, you can connect a conversational box that will be working 24/7 on your website.

As you know, roofing can become an emergency, and there will be people that will try to contact you immediately.

You can connect the live chatbox to your cell phone and receive the messages in real-time; make sure to ask them their name, phone, location, and roofing issue they have.

Depending on what type of information you receive, you can know if it is a qualified roofing lead or not.

  • Email Response

When you share a valuable piece of content through your email marketing campaign, you are telling your subscribers you are experienced enough to take care of their roof.

People who have been receiving your emails for a while will be confident to reach out to you via email to ask for your roofing services.

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Online Lead Generation for Roofers

Online Lead Generation for Roofers

Online lead generation for roofers is one of the most common services offered by marketing specialists in the roofing industry. 

However, many contractors are not familiar with the subject, and could easily become victims of a scam. 

So, what is online lead generation for roofers?

It is the process of using digital strategies to attract all of your potential clients to show an interest in your roofing company’s products or services and convert them into final customers.

In other words, property managers, facility managers, homeowners, business owners, and commercial real estate agents will feel attracted to your roofing company’s brand, and they will want to do business with you.

In the next article, Roofers Going Digital will explain the basics of online lead generation for roofers.

Why Do You Need an Online Lead Generation Strategy?

The roofing industry is rapidly evolving, and most of your potential clients are spending lots of time online.

That’s why implementing an online lead generation for your roofing company should be mandatory.

Digital strategies will help you make all of your traditional marketing efforts even better.

For instance, think about all the people seeing your truck around the city or their neighborhood. If they have seen you online, they will immediately know who you are.

The same will happen with your door-to-door efforts, your billboards, yard signs, etc.

Generating online leads is a perfect way to start positioning your roofing brand.

Your roofing company needs to be easily seen by your target audience so you can be on their minds, and they can eventually think of you when needing any roofing services.

Likewise, by organically sharing valuable content, you will start building solid relationships instead of trying to force a sale.

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Pro tip: your prospects no longer want to be sold to. You need to earn their business.

4 Key Components of Online Lead Generation for Roofers

A lead is generated through information collection and trust.

The collected information comes as a result of your online marketing campaigns.

Some examples of online lead generators are newsletter subscriptions, customer service via social media, signing up for a webinar, or a prospect filling out a form to download educational content.

Some key components of online lead generation for roofers are:

  1. Call-To-Actions
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Forms
  4. Attractive Offers

Once you put all these elements together, you can create various promotional channels to link and drive traffic to your website.

In that way, you can start generating leads for your roofing company to complement your traditional marketing efforts.

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