The benefits of Facebook for roofing companies are huge.

It’s quite possible that you’ve already heard the saying that if Facebook were a country, it would be the most populated on earth.

That’s because it currently boasts over 3 billion users with more than 2 billion monthly active users.

As a result, most people you know are likely to be on Facebook (including roofing companies).

On the other hand, millions of people use Facebook to look for roofing contractors.

In response, more and more roofing companies are creating content to leverage the power of Facebook.

In the following article, you will discover the most important benefits of Facebook for roofing companies.

Let’s go!

1. Facebook Groups

Currently, there are 500 million people that belong to a Facebook group.

But how important are Facebook groups?

Facebook groups are a must for roofing companies. 

It is a place where you can share common interests of the industry with other roofing professionals, express your opinion, and build relationships.

You can upload photos and videos, discuss issues, and network.

5 Facebook group recommendations for you:

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is ideal for targeting your prospects so that you can directly deliver your roofing services.

You can also use Facebook advertising across their other services — Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

In addition, you can add a Facebook pixel to your roofing website. This will help you retarget those visitors that have shown an interest in your Facebook business page.

Also, you can publish a variety of content, including text and photos of your roofing services, carousel photo posts, and video posts.

Is social media a must for roofing companies? Click here.

3. Facebook Business Pages

If your roofing company does not have a Facebook business page, you are missing out on many opportunities.

First of all, your profile picture, banners, and post formats should follow your roofing brand guidelines.

Simultaneously, you should fill your “About” section with the basic information of who you are and what roofing services you offer.

Focus on sharing a mix between sales and valuable content, and most importantly, engage with your audience.

Also, you can give your customers the chance to share reviews on your Facebook business page.

4. Facebook Lives

Facebook lives are probably the most underrated benefit of Facebook for roofing companies.

Afterward, Facebook lives are a live video streaming service that will let you broadcast from any device straight to their Facebook news feed.

According to Vimeo:

“Streaming videos of Facebook Lives see 3x the engagement than traditional videos shared on the platform.”

It is a fun and simple way to connect with your customers and prospects while communicating your roofing brand story.

To Sum Up!

Facebook for roofing companies is no longer a choice but a necessity.

It has helped thousands of roofing contractors nationwide.

If you are already using Facebook to promote your roofing services, we hope you learn from these benefits to improve your strategy.

Stop losing roofing leads daily on Facebook without even knowing it. 

Contact Roofers Going Digital today!

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