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Is Social Media a Must for Roofing Companies?

Social Media for Roofing Companies

Currently in the USA, the market size of roofing contractors is about $45 billion. At the same time, the number of roofing companies is 103,755. 

There is always a doubt in roofing companies about how significant social media marketing really is.

In the last few years, the development of roofing companies has shown how vital it is to open social media business pages on all social media platforms. 

However, how digital marketing will in fact help them is still not clear to some.

Roofing Industry and Its Pattern

Roofing services are always an on-demand industry. At the end of the 70’s when the American housing development industry started to grow very fast and by-products of roofing companies began to boom, many new roofing companies gradually entered the market. 

Considering the fact that roofs are not a regular commodity, selling roofs is normally complex most of the time. Roofing companies do not get the same clients every year, so marketing for roofing companies is always a need in order to acquire new customers each year.

As roofing services involve a good amount of money, people are more prone to buy from that specific roofing company they trust the most. 

Although the roofing market is biased toward trustworthy brands, trust plays the most significant role in the roofing industry. 

But that does not mean there is no room for new roofers!

Back in the 90’s people used to go for local references to select different roofers. In those times, marketing for roofing companies was managed differently. 

The Market of Social Media for Roofing Companies

Then social media came. Back in 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, it was just an inter-college message system. 

Over time, Facebook became the social media giant with a revenue of $18.69 billion! With almost 2.9 billion active users per month, Facebook is one of the biggest media platforms. 

The case is mostly the same for all other popular social networks. 

According to Hubspot, “People spend a minimum of 60 minutes per day on social platforms!” 

Through these social media platforms, roofing companies could reach a massive number of people at a time. It has gradually become a popular marketplace for all types of roofing services

With the increased competition of commercial roofing contractors, roofing companies need to promote their services on different social media platforms. That is why social media marketing has become a very effective tool to generate new sales and attract potential customers easily.

Impact of Social Media

No matter the size of your roofing company, the impact that social media marketing could bring to your roofing business is enormous. Your competitor’s social media content can determine your customer’s behaviour. 

In 2019, a study made by The ODM Group found that social networks influence the purchasing decision of 74% of consumers. 

Another study shows 71% of consumers rely on social media referrals. These statistics tell the whole story. 

In 2020, after the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, people were even more dependent on different online platforms. The influence of all social media platforms increased like never before. Indeed, the roofing industry is not an exception. 

Impact of Social Media on Roofing Services

If you ask any old American, “How did they choose their roof contractor 20 years back?” they would undoubtedly give you some offline reference that they used to use! 

Marketing for roofing companies was always a part of roof selling. There were different roofing contractor’s marketing techniques that used to be very useful even ten or twelve years back. 

Even with innovative marketing ideas, offline marketing for roofing companies is not getting cost-effective results. Over time, the model has changed. 

Now roofing companies have seen all the advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency specializing in the roofing industry. You can trust Roofers Going Digital will take all the responsibilities!

With an excellent inbound marketing strategy for your roofing company, we could drive more sales cost-effectively! But, how? 

That will depend on your budget and scope, from email marketing to local SEO, to paid ads on social platforms; the list is endless.

How Social Media Especially Helps Roofing Companies to Grow?

Every business gets benefits from social media marketing. But only a few sectors get the maximum benefit from social media, and the roofing industry is one of them. 

As roofing services require trust, anything is possible to achieve for any roofing company with a specific social media marketing plan. We listed a few of the many benefits that roofing companies get from social media:

  • Through social media, any roofing company can increase its visibility to its potential clients. In social media marketing, it’s even possible to reach a specific target group. That way, you can make a more significant impact.
  • Online Lead Generation. You can connect directly to your prospects with your social business pages. The followers are very likely to convert it to clients. 
  • Roofing companies can get direct feedback from their clients and even understand market trends and change policies or products accordingly!
  • The more you reach the clients and create brand awareness, the more clients you will attract. In social media, the growth of any roofing business is exponential.
  • Even if you send a salesperson for door-to-door selling after a valuable social media marketing campaign, the chances of getting new orders from social media are higher because of your pre-established presence as a roofing company.

Actually, for any brand nowadays, its online presence is its existence. This is even more applicable to roofing companies. You can get good reviews on your social media profiles that boost your sales up to 1000 times! That’s right, social media is so powerful.

A recent study by ServiceTitan has shown in America that only 45% of businesses are growing. 

So, no matter what you think about social media, you have to consider it to grow your prospects. 

In these times, if you don’t have an online presence and your roofing company does not look confident on social media platforms, your sales will suffer!

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