Digital Marketing in the roofing industry is just starting.

When we talk about marketing for roofing companies, we usually think of traditional advertising, such as billboard ads, door-to-door sales, or print magazines.

However, some traditional efforts are not effective anymore, especially since the pandemic started.

That’s why Roofers Going Digital has prepared for you a little overview of digital and traditional marketing in the roofing industry.

Read on!

Traditional Marketing Explained

Traditional marketing in the roofing industry plays an essential role.

Every roofer knows that door-to-door sales prospecting is still one of the best strategies out there.

However, other traditional advertising efforts, such as newspapers, TV, or radio, are losing more impact day by day.

People’s mindsets have changed, and they are tired and bored of receiving pushy advertisements.

Be aware of the following aspects of traditional marketing:

  • You don’t get a monthly report from the radio station or your billboard ads
  • Nowadays it’s easier to ignore traditional advertising
  • You have no idea if it’s working or not

Digital Marketing Explained

Digital networks are the medium through which most people spend their time.

The main difference against traditional marketing is that the sales funnel is exclusively online.

As a result, your target audience encounters marketing messages that blend into their feed, which allows you to promote your services without being intrusive.

In addition, consider these features of digital marketing:

  • Most people look for their roofing services online
  • Besides being cost-effective, it’s also measurable
  • You can get results on how well your digital marketing strategies are working

Why Contractors and Builders Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will benefit your roofing company and help it thrive so that you are established as an industry leader.

Digital strategies will create relationships between your roofing brand and the right target audience while building trust during the process.

Implementing Roofers Going Digital’s marketing strategies for the roofing industry will give you the following benefits:

  • Web traffic increase
  • Leads and sales growth
  • Search engine rankings improvement
  • A boost to customer satisfaction

Stop Losing Leads Without Even Knowing It!

Thanks to various roofing companies’ digital marketing efforts, the roofing industry has more of a presence online, meaning more and more people are searching the internet for their roofing services.

Don’t wait any longer, give us a call!

Your roofing company is one call away from building your online presence.

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