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4 Digital Marketing Tips for Roofing Companies

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Roofing Companies

With the arrival of COVID-19 in our lives, we all have been forced to change our daily habits. The digital presence of roofing companies has become necessary despite what was previously thought. 

Nowadays, it is no longer a choice but an obligation.

These changes have affected the way people interact. Most of the digital gurus such as Gary Vee and Neil Patel, comment that the digital revolution has been ahead for more than 10 years and that it is no longer proper to refer to the present as digital but as post-digital.

This reflects the importance of having a digital presence for your roofing company and having your roofing services available online. Every day, more roofing companies and roofing contractors are beginning to have an online presence with no exception.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Bill Gates famously said.

This phrase from the tycoon and founder of Microsoft is very revealing. 

However, it is not enough to simply be on the internet; you need to be a highlight that shines against the others.

There are so many options for roofing services that are available online to your customers. With just one click on their smartphone, major search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, will return hundreds and thousands of results about roofing companies.

A common mistake that roofing companies make is thinking that having a website or a social media business page will be more than enough to generate new customers and increase sales. 

FALSE! Of course, it is okay for them to do so, but this does not guarantee that you will get the results you want.

So then, how do you do it? What strategies do you need to follow? To answer those questions, Roofers Going Digital has these essential marketing tips for roofing companies that you should consider:

  1. Create Valuable Content and Answer Customer Questions

Focus all your content on solving the uncertainties of your potential customer requirements (costs, delivery times, quality of materials, experience in the industry, etc.)

Think about the number of roofing service competitors you face. In Roofers Going Digital, we always like to say that competition is a good thing; it is an opportunity to improve your services, work, and projects or restorations.

  1. User-Generated Content

The holy grail of social media content is UGC. Documenting all of your work, taking photos and videos, interacting with your clients, and using their good comments should be part of your digital strategy.

Adoration for the work you do is the best social media content. You can influence user-generated content by offering rewards, contests, or giveaways. 

You can also create content about some unfortunate situations and what you did to solve them. Doing this will show that you are not perfect and you also make mistakes, but that you are always committed to solving them and meeting the needs of your roofing customers.

If you are more focused on residential projects, we recommend creating content for Facebook or Instagram. According to Hubspot, these are the social media channels where millennials spend most of their time. Currently, they are the leading market for residential projects.

In addition, if your target audience focuses on commercial and industrial roofing, you certainly need to be on LinkedIn and Twitter. These two social media channels focus on B2B strategies, and all of the big companies in the industry and their team members are there. 

  1. Website, Landing Page & Chat Box

Now it’s time to direct all of that creativity and your client interactions towards a landing page and place forms where your customers can leave their data and request information through an online chat. Make sure that your website looks professional and modern at the same time and, above all, that it is easy to use.

Also, do not forget to provide the same user experience in mobile formats.

  1. Search Engine Optimization & Paid Ads

You can implement the ad words campaigns; using Google Ads can be very profitable if you do them correctly. Ensure to identify the keywords for your roofing services and the primary searches your customers perform, and always include them in your titles, descriptions, and content.

An easy way to identify keywords organically would be using the search engine itself as a tool, like in this example below:

Digital Marketing tips

Of course, do not forget to include your address, phone number, and contact email.


You can always contact Roofers Going Digital for professional advice. We are here to help with all of your needs.

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