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Personal Branding

“Personal branding has 8x more impact than business branding.”

– @HubSpot

The more complete and robust your Roofing Inbound Marketing System is, the faster you will grow your roofing business.


Personal branding is how individuals create an influence using their public persona, giving credibility to their name as an authority.

In this instance, it’s when your story, passion, and career are well known in the roofing industry.

Why Personal Branding is so important?

Your customers and potential clients want to feel like they know you on a personal level.

At the very least, they want to know who owns the roofing company and how they spend their days.

Personal branding is the marketing strategy that allows you to establish yourself with new audiences.

More and more roofing companies use advocates to build their branding and increase sales.

6 Benefits of Building a Personal Brand for Roofing Contractors

  1. It will improve your sales and networking skills
  2. It has a higher Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. ‍It focuses on a consistent customer-centric strategy
  4. The more potential clients know about you, the more likely they are to purchase
  5. It boosts your marketing efforts no matter which method you use
  6. You can leverage your brand to build partnerships

How do you want to be known?

Have you ever thought about what people say about your name, business, or company?
If you don’t have the answers to these questions, you should start building a personal brand.

People want to talk to people and not with brands; they want to feel trusted, and trust builds relationships.

Why Choose Roofers Going Digital’s Personal Branding Services?

With Roofers Going Digital’s personal branding services, you can promote yourself as an industry expert while creating a public persona for your roofing business.

We will make sure to increase your reputation by showing your uniqueness, skills, and roofing knowledge.

Having a professional and well-known brand improves your chances of getting new commercial roofing projects.

Discover new opportunities to maximize your marketing efforts!


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