4 Reasons to Hire Roofers Going Digital

4 Reasons to Hire Roofers Going Digital

Before checking the 4 reasons to hire roofers going digital, please answer the following question: How many roofing businesses are you competing with in your area?

Maybe the answer is many, or maybe just a few. In both cases though, you are all fighting over the same customers.

Most roofing companies tend to focus on traditional marketing efforts to get new clients, such as brochures, truck wraps, correspondence, referrals, etc.

So, what makes you different from them? An online marketing campaign can be the difference.

Keep reading to find out how hiring us can help you!

1. We Have Proven Roofing Industry’s Knowledge and Sales Experience

Our CEO and Founder, Francisco Serrano, has been a successful sales rep who made over 2 million USD in commercial roofing projects in the last two years.

He also has over five years of experience implementing sales and marketing tactics in the roofing industry.

He knows how to overcome sales objections and position your roofing brand as an industry leader.

To discover our automation strategy for roofers, click here.

2. Our Inbound Marketing Strategies Are Proven to be Successful

Roofers Going Digital’s methodology is based on the inbound marketing system.

We will define your target audience based on their roofing issues and needs through extensive research and analysis.

Creating and sharing valuable content will allow us to attract, engage and entertain your potential clients and prospects. We will make them understand your purpose and approach.

Lastly, thanks to our social media campaigns, we will put active listening into practice, which means we will find out what your customers are saying about roofing in your area.

To discover the benefits of inbound marketing for roofers, click here.

3. We Give You a Return On Investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) is the results you get from all the efforts included in your online marketing strategy.

They range from building a follower base, brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty, to retaining and satisfying customers, and directly earning you revenue.

By tracking your return on investment, you will:

  • Understand the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. 
  • Demonstrate the value of digital sales within your roofing business.
  • Show how digital strategies can impact all departments, ranging beyond sales reps and managers to executives and roofing contractors. 
  • Drive and measure brand reputation and gain control of it.
  • Prove to board members the value of budgeting for your marketing efforts.

The return on investment will let us make adjustments to what isn’t working.

4. We Focus on Creating a Remarkable Online Customer Experience

Online customer service is probably the most significant reason to hire Roofers Going Digital.

Also referred to as customer care, it is the most effective online marketing method.

In today’s digital world, all the interactions are public, and people can record or take screenshots of your exchanges, showing how they’ve been treated.

We have seen many roofing companies that struggle to build good business relationships, and often only focus on closing a sale.

Remember that how customers are treated on digital platforms says volumes about a roofing brand.

Roofers Going Digital will make sure all of your customers and potential clients enjoy every step of their digital journey.

Build Loyalty for Your Roofing Brand with Roofers Going Digital!

These are only some of the reasons to hire Roofers Going Digital.

If you’re struggling with your online marketing strategies, call the experts.

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How to Build a Digital Advertising Campaign

How to Build a Digital Advertising Campaign

Welcome Roofers! You’re here to learn the basics of building a digital advertising campaign for your roofing company.

When done correctly, a digital advertising campaign will drive revenue and engage your audience to create a word-of-mouth effect.

But, what is digital advertising?

In a few words, it is a targeted advertising strategy that helps you reach potential clients online. This includes social media and search engines.

Now, let’s get started!

Understanding Your Target Audience

The first step in building a paid advertising campaign is understanding your target audience.

Roofing companies with successful online ads know the most common roofing issues their customers and potential clients face daily.

Keeping a pulse on the latest roofing trends will allow you to create a cost-effective paid media campaign.

Identifying Your Goals and Objectives

Every roofing company has business goals, and usually, they include increasing sales and driving revenue.

When building a digital advertising campaign, you need to be very specific about what you want to accomplish and the role paid advertising will play in helping you achieve that goal.

Define clear goals, whether they are increasing your vanity metrics (followers, views, likes, etc.), getting subscribers for your webinar, or receiving your potential client’s contact info.

Remember, digital advertising is just one part of your online strategy that should also include organic content.

Determining Your Digital Advertising Campaign Budget

Like any other marketing strategy, online or traditional, a digital advertising campaign needs an allocated budget.

One common mistake among roofers is to invest too much money too soon.

First, you should define which platforms you want to start advertising on (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.).

Second, set a small budget and use previous posts from organic campaigns as a test. Try the ones that have received more engagement and views.

Run the trial over the weekend and wait for the results.

And finally, launch a new campaign. We recommend starting with social media channels, as Google requires more experience.

Pro tip: Do not forget to keep an eye on the analytics.

Start Your Digital Advertising Campaign With Us!

At Roofers Going Digital, we are experts in building paid advertising campaigns for roofing companies.

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The Automation Strategy for Roofers

The Automation Strategy for Roofers

The automation strategy for roofers is the system Roofers Going Digital has developed based on the inbound marketing methodology.

Our goal is to help roofing contractors get a consistent amount of qualified roofing leads.

The roofing industry is one of the fastest-growing among all other construction industries.

So why do so many roofing companies still struggle to get new projects?

This article will explain all the steps we will follow to build an automation strategy for your roofing company.

Keep reading!

Building a Memorable Brand

On top of having a logo, you should also have a brand manual, but what exactly does that mean?

A brand manual is a handbook that will define all of your colors, typography, logo sizes, and correct uses of your brand.

Believe it or not, many roofing contractors do not follow the same guidelines across their social media networks and website.

With the creation of the brand manual, we will help you maintain a consistent image of your roofing company in your customer’s minds.

To discover the benefits of branding for roofers, click here.

Website & Search Engine Optimization

First, we will create your target audience profile, and then we will update all of your communication.

Our team of experts will make sure to include the right keywords, define a tone of voice, and review all of your website content.

You can trust that we will keep sharing all of your expertise and valuable content you already have.

Your new website will maintain the best aesthetics and user experience possible to improve customer service by following your brand guidelines.

These optimizations will help position your roofing website on the first page of Google results organically over time (Search Engine Optimization).

Check out Ramon Roofing’s website (one of our clients).

Social Media

We have years of experience working with roofing companies.

Our automation strategy for roofers includes valuable and shareable content for social media, nurturing your future customer relationships. 

We understand the context of each platform and will create different types of post formats to match their uses. 

With our social media strategy, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Strong relationships with your potential clients
  • A loyal follower base
  • Shared articles with links directing customers to your roofing website
  • Quality call-to-actions with short and clear sentences
  • Innovative images and videos
  • Engagement and feedback from your audience

The key is to generate unique content that can inform and entertain simultaneously.

Email Marketing

Nowadays, having a digital presence is vital for any roofing company.

The majority of your potential clients will check their emails regularly, as they’re able to do so directly from their smartphones.

Whether at work or home, they generally interact with brands through emails.

A great advantage of an email marketing campaign is that you can answer questions and promote your roofing services and products.

We will add pop-up forms on your website and share educational content to build an email database for your business.

To discover the benefits of email marketing for roofers, click here.

Paid Advertising

An automation strategy for roofers cannot be complete without paid advertising.

We will choose catchy headlines and test different advertising formats across the most important online channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

All videos and images of your roofing services used in our paid ads strategy will include call-to-actions.

We will put the right content in front of your target audience and begin developing qualified roofing leads.

Live Chat & Customer Relationships Management

The live chat and customer relationships management will be the last step of the automation strategy for roofers.

Once you start being recognized in your roofing niche, more and more potential clients will be visiting your website, which means you will need a tool to communicate with them immediately.

The live chat will allow you to answer all your prospect’s inquiries 24/7.

In addition, we will use a CRM to upload and manage all of your follow-ups to convert all of these prospects into actual customers.

We Are Here to Help You!

With our automation strategy for roofers, your online marketing will have the power to connect with your readers, whilst being efficient, precise, and unique.

Roofers Going Digital can help you create a remarkable digital presence for your roofing business.

Contact us today!

Why Work With Roofers Going Digital

Why Work With Roofers Going Digital

Roofers Going Digital is a marketing agency specializing in digital strategies to help roofing companies and contractors get more roofing projects.

We are experts in working in the roofing industry. We have over five years of experience helping roofing companies with brand positioning, networking, growing sales, and driving revenue.

Our methodology is based on inbound marketing, a business strategy that focuses on attracting potential clients by sharing valuable experiences tailored to them.

Our managing director, Francisco Serrano, is a passionate roofing professional working with many of the most recognized roofing manufacturing companies.

He has helped many roofing enterprises with sales and marketing through personalized communication campaigns and the implementation of digital marketing.

Our strategies work with both commercial and residential roofing companies. 

Let’s discover the benefits of our inbound marketing methodology together.

Keep reading!

Roofers Going Digital’s Inbound Marketing System

Brand positioning is one of the best methods in the industry to grow your roofing company. 

Roofers Going Digital’s inbound marketing system focuses on the following steps:

  • Awareness

We create valuable content and meaningful relationships to build trust in your roofing niche.

  • Attraction

We attract the audience looking precisely for the roofing services you have to offer.

  • Engagement

We share roofing insights, allowing you to engage with building owners and property managers.

  • Entertainment

We provide help and support to your customers, empowering your roofing brand and customer service.

Position your brand as an industry leader with Roofers Going Digital.

To discover what inbound marketing for roofing companies is, click here.

The Buyer’s Journey Strategy for Roofing Companies

The buyer’s journey strategy is a digital strategy that helps you tailor your content and creativity to align your roofing company’s goals with your prospect’s pain points. 

We will identify their issues and show them which of your roofing services and products can solve them. This will make them want to work with you. 

The buyer’s journey involves three stages:

1. Recognition

We will create content to focus on addressing the problem that your target audience is experiencing.

2. Consideration

The consideration stage explains how your roofing company will solve your target audience’s problem.

3. Decision

Also known as the lead generation stage, it’s the crossroads where your content persuades your target audience to become a customer.

To sum up, the buyer’s journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider, evaluate, and purchase a new product or service.

6 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Roofing Companies

Online strategies to promote roofing businesses have the most innovative performance these days. 

But, what kind of benefits can you expect from an online presence?

Find the most important below:

  • Measurable results
  • Set demographics to reach homeowners & building owners
  • Opportunities to engage and network with potential customers
  • Accessibility for any roofing company size
  • Real-time updates to your messaging and advertising
  • Data results are available immediately

The sooner your roofing company starts working in the digital world, the sooner it will become an industry leader.

Roofers Going Digital Influences the Consumer in Positive Ways

Every interaction your prospects have with your company should be tailored to their roofing needs.

Roofers Going Digital is 100% committed to accelerating your roofing company’s digital transformation.

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7 Benefits of Branding for Roofers

7 Benefits of Branding for Roofers

The benefits of branding for roofers are often underrated.

Remember, how you introduce yourself to your customers and prospects matters more than you think.

Aspects such as your logo, colors, image, tone of voice, and reputation can be your best friend or worst enemy in the online world.

That’s because many of the interactions are public and can define your roofing company’s online presence.

That’s why more and more roofers are implementing a branding strategy as part of their marketing efforts.

Here are seven benefits of branding for roofers:

1. Builds and grows your follower base

Make sure all of your social media profiles and online content looks consistent.

Headers, profile pictures, bios, and headlines should follow the same branding guidelines.

By having everything in place, you will get recognition between homeowners and building owners, indirectly growing your follower base.

2. Improves your reputation

One of the beautiful things about branding for roofers is deciding who you want to be.

Develop a brand voice, talk friendly, casual, and always be humble. 

Start conversations with your audience and answer their doubts, comments, and inquiries about your roofing services.

Show that you’re listening and you care about their situation.

3. Amplifies your reach

Excited and engaged customers will cause a word-of-mouth effect.

Act just like you would do at any roofing conference. 

Try to leave the best impression by engaging with new individuals and building relationships.

Show genuine interest in the conversation, and respond by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.

4. Gives you qualified roofing leads

Roofers can have a tight schedule; you may prefer investing your time on the job site instead of pre-qualifying leads.

That’s why you should consider branding for roofers, as one of its benefits is receiving already qualified roofing leads.

Thanks to our communication campaign, your network will be customized based on your buyer personas.

To discover what online lead generation for roofers is, click here.

5. Humanizes your brand

Invite people from your crew and your team to share their day or be part of your online strategy.

Humanize your brand by putting a face to your content.

In Francisco Serrano’s words: People want to do business with people, not with logos.

6. Builds loyalty

Provide additional value to your audience, share roofing tips, tricks, advice, fun facts, etc.

Responding to those questions that many homeowners and building owners might have will create a level of loyalty that many roofers will envy.

7. Drives revenue growth

A branding strategy for roofers gives you financial gains by increasing your sales.

Pushing out relevant content will benefit your roofing company’s brand, customers, and prospects.

At Roofers Going Digital, you can trust that you will have a Return on Investment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Branding for Roofers with Roofers Going Digital!

Does your company follow any guidelines to build a strong roofing brand?

By developing a branding strategy for roofers, you will be part of the digital revolution.

Call the experts, and schedule a consulting call today!

How to Increase Website Visits

How to Increase Website Visits

Are you a roofer looking to increase your website visits?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

This post will give you some tips on how to achieve that goal. 

It is vital for roofing companies to differentiate from their competition.

The trick is to figure out how to use all the relevant content you already have in a new and exciting way.

The user experience on your website can be a huge differentiator.

Focus on the following tips:

1. Include a Blog Section

Roofing companies with blogs on their websites have an average of 55% more visits than ones that do not.

The way you share your knowledge and roofing experience says a lot about your roofing company’s brand.

Setting up a good blog section will attract more website visits and qualified prospects.

To discover the benefits of a blog content strategy for roofers, click here.

2. Turn Blog Posts into Videos

43% of online users said they want to see more video content when visiting a website.

According to Cisco, “Video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2022, and that internet video will increase threefold compared to TV.”

Turning blog posts into videos will also help you with your search engine rankings, which will ensure an increase in your website visits.

3. Direct Your Social Media Traffic to Your Website

If you’re looking for immediate results, you can invest in paid advertising.

It is one of the best ways to increase your website visits.

Social media advertising is a cost-effective strategy which also allows you to drive and measure conversions.

Include different post formats and a clear call-to-action using your website links and test the results.

To discover the power of social media for roofing companies, click here.

4. Update Existing Content Including Keywords

Use the right keywords to update your articles, products, and services related to your roofing company.

Updating old content on your website, and following SEO best practices, is a great way to make sure you are up to date with search engine rankings.

You should also consider revising any content related to roofing industry practices that may have been updated.

This will help you build reader loyalty as your content is fresh and relevant.

To discover the benefits of content creation for roofing companies, click here.

The Importance of the Landing Page for Your Website Visits

First impressions matter!

Your landing page gives your website visitors an initial glimpse of your business.

Here are five reasons why the landing page is fundamental for your website visits:

  • Leaves a good impression
  • Generates leads and conversions
  • Promotes your roofing products and services
  • Builds credibility
  • Tracks your business goals

Increase Your Website Visits with Roofers Going Digital!

Optimizing your website for organic search will help you improve your chances of being discovered.

If you want to learn more about digital strategies for roofing companies, do not forget to follow us on any of our social media channels.

Want to increase your website visits?

Contact us and schedule a consulting call today!

Branding Trends for Roofing Companies in 2022

Branding Trends for Roofing Companies

Branding trends for roofing companies are changing every year with digital marketing.

Before the internet, the sales process was very transactional: short sales cycles and one-on-one sales.

Most of the operations were part of a quick and personal experience.

But in the last couple of years (around the time the pandemic started), technology has forced roofing companies to adapt their brand presence.

Nowadays, branding for roofing companies needs to complement the traditional marketing efforts with an online digital campaign.

Do not stop reading to discover the branding trends for roofing companies in 2022!

1. Build Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Roofing companies have at least one social media business page.

However, most of them are not using the right communication strategy.

If you want to connect with your audience truly, you should understand who they are, what they like, how they spend their time, and more.

In other words, you should define your buyer persona.

At Roofers Going Digital, we are experts in communicating your values, knowledge, and expertise based on your buyer’s profile.

To discover the best social media channels for roofers, click here.

2. Increase Customer Acquisition with Digital Strategies

Customer acquisition refers to the process by which you bring new potential clients to your roofing business.

The goal for roofing companies is to build long-lasting relationships while creating brand recognition and a marketing system that allows them to grow exponentially.

With our inbound marketing strategy, you can trust that your roofing brand will have the most robust digital plan available in the roofing industry.

To discover what inbound marketing for a roofing company is, click here.

3. Drive and Measure Conversions

An essential branding trend for roofing companies in 2022 is the Return on Investment (ROI).

In digital marketing, driving and measuring conversions are the ultimate goal to quantify the success of a campaign.

There are different metrics and analytics you can consider to determine it, such as:

  • Website visits
  • Leads from ad campaigns
  • Email subscriptions
  • Closed projects

Make sure to include calls to action, keywords, and valuable content in your posts.

To discover how to get more commercial roofing leads, click here.

4. Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience starts with your prospects and potential clients’ first action in response to your digital campaigns.

Unlike traditional sales behavior, your prospects want to enjoy the buying process from beginning to end, so you should develop the buyer’s journey with a customer-centric focus.

Start with the following questions:

  • Which are the things clients want to know when calling a roofing contractor?
  • What are the most common roofing issues your customers face?
  • Why do they have to trust your roofing services?

Roofers Going Digital Is Up to Date with the Branding Trends for Roofing Companies!

We are a marketing agency that specializes in the roofing industry.

If you want to create a memorable name for your roofing brand, boost customer loyalty, and drive long-term revenue, contact us and schedule a consulting call today!

Blog Content Strategy for Roofers

Blog Content Strategy for Roofers

A blog content strategy for roofers will help you nurture your customers and future business relationships.

Consistent blogging is also useful to optimize your roofing website for future search engine results.

Every time you upload a new roofing blog to your website, you can position a new set of keywords.

Your prospects and potential clients are searching for all kinds of topics related to roofing issues and services in your area.

A good digital strategy will separate you from your competitors.

When it comes to roofing marketing ideas, you need to make sure to include a roofing blog on your website.

Keep reading!

5 Steps to Create a Blog Content Strategy for Roofers

Your roofing website blog aims to increase your visitors and generate leads.

The following steps will help you to create valuable content for your roofing blog:

1. Share your roofing company’s core values and goals

2. Define your target audience and solve their problems

3. Include roofing industry keywords

4. Create a blog content calendar

5. Cover interesting roofing topics

Pro tip: Share all the valuable content you already have; use your brochures, postcards, or other pieces of info to develop blog topics.

4 Benefits of Having a Blog Section on Your Roofing Website

A blog will provide your roofing company with long-lasting benefits after publishing.

Its main benefits are:

  1. It grows your website traffic progressively (SEO)
  2. It attracts leads that can later become customers
  3. It builds loyalty and engagement with your current customers
  4. It differentiates you from other roofing companies

Having a blog content strategy for roofers proves that you are an expert in the roofing industry.

The Importance of Using Quality Photos for Your Roofing Blog

Everyone knows that images make an article easier to read; visitors like to see something visual over a lengthy block of text.

Pictures will also help the user remember the content, as they can match the image to what they’re reading.

In general, visual elements can:

  • Fit into modern web designs
  • Boost the promotion of your brand
  • Showcase the consistency in your roofing jobs

Using high-quality images will help your clients earn trust in your roofing company, allowing you to achieve your goal of converting a lead into a paying customer. 

15 Roofing Blog Topic Ideas for Roofing Contractors

  1. Roof Restoration Vs. Roof Replacement
  2. How to Choose a Roofing Contractor 
  3. Why Is Roofing Important?
  4. Can Roofing Be Done In Cold Weather?
  5. How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?
  6. Types of Commercial Roofing Systems
  7. Why Are Roofing Warranties Important?
  8. New Roof FAQs
  9. Eco-Friendly Roofing Options
  10. Roofing Material Comparisons
  11. Benefits of Having a Professional Roofing Inspection
  12. When Is the Best Time of the Year to Replace Your Roof?
  13. What Is a Living Roof?
  14. The Roof Restoration Guide for Property Managers
  15. Benefits of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Discover the Power of a Blog Content Strategy for Roofers

Schedule a consulting call today!

6 Benefits of Email Marketing for Roofers

6 Benefits of Email Marketing for Roofers

Email marketing for roofers provides plenty of benefits and opportunities to reach out to new customers.

According to Campaign Monitor, “Companies who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.”

Why? It lets your customers and prospects keep up to date on what is happening within your roofing company and the roofing industry.

You can also create follow-up sequences, introductory texts, and even newsletters.

Additionally, email marketing costs are more affordable than many other forms of marketing as there are no printing costs, media space budget, or advertising fees.

Please find some of the benefits of email marketing for roofers below.

1. Flexible Design

You can send motion graphics, animations, attach files, messages of different lengths, or whatever suits your campaign best.

Remember that sticking to your roofing brand guidelines will help you to build brand awareness.

2. Increased Sales and Conversions

By placing a pop-up form on your website or networking on social media, you can increase your prospects database.

Once you share valuable content, your buyer personas can click on your links and follow your call-to-action right away.

Email marketing is perfect for building the buyers’ journey and influencing them into choosing the roofing product or service you want.

3. Permission-based 

One of the main benefits of email marketing for roofers is building your prospects database through users who have given you their permission to receive your roofing company’s newsletter.

They are genuinely interested in receiving your email communications.

They want to know more about your roofing company’s activities, updates, products, and offers, and are more likely to hire your services.

4. Less Intrusive

The difference compared to other marketing strategies is that your subscribers can read your messages when they want to.

Also, they can unsubscribe or update their preferences if they no longer want to receive your messages.

5. Time-saving

Email marketing for roofers allows you to create follow-up sequences to answer your potential clients in real-time.

You can trigger an email marketing software such as Mailchimp or HubSpot to send them a message based on an action they have performed on your website.

Pro tip: include a welcome email for every user that subscribes to your newsletter or blog.

6. Measurable

Like all digital marketing strategies, you can track the analytics of each of your email marketing campaigns.

The use of email software will help you quickly review information on opened emails, click-through rate, bounce rate, and much more.

Afterward, you can optimize your email campaigns based on this data.

3 Tips to Promote Your Roofing Company Using Email Marketing

  • Personalize messages to your customers

Include your prospect’s name and keep your email subject lines under seven words. That’s the maximum length visible on a standard phone, which is where almost half of the prospects open their messages.

  • Share the latest updates in the roofing industry

Do not forget to share knowledge, tips, news, evidence, and testimonials.

Use videos and photos of your roofing jobs to grab your prospect’s attention and stand out from the crowd.

  • Add “Call-to-Action” buttons to lead your customers to your website

Include a reason why you’re reaching out and a clear call to action.

Add a link to your calendar to avoid the annoying back-and-forth of finding a time to meet.

Email Marketing for Roofers Matters!

However, it’s important not to overuse it; too frequent emails can irritate people.

Contact Roofers Going Digital. We can help you build your email marketing campaign!

Online Lead Generation for Roofers

Online Lead Generation for Roofers

Online lead generation for roofers is one of the most common services offered by marketing specialists in the roofing industry. 

However, many contractors are not familiar with the subject, and could easily become victims of a scam. 

So, what is online lead generation for roofers?

It is the process of using digital strategies to attract all of your potential clients to show an interest in your roofing company’s products or services and convert them into final customers.

In other words, property managers, facility managers, homeowners, business owners, and commercial real estate agents will feel attracted to your roofing company’s brand, and they will want to do business with you.

In the next article, Roofers Going Digital will explain the basics of online lead generation for roofers.

Why Do You Need an Online Lead Generation Strategy?

The roofing industry is rapidly evolving, and most of your potential clients are spending lots of time online.

That’s why implementing an online lead generation for your roofing company should be mandatory.

Digital strategies will help you make all of your traditional marketing efforts even better.

For instance, think about all the people seeing your truck around the city or their neighborhood. If they have seen you online, they will immediately know who you are.

The same will happen with your door-to-door efforts, your billboards, yard signs, etc.

Generating online leads is a perfect way to start positioning your roofing brand.

Your roofing company needs to be easily seen by your target audience so you can be on their minds, and they can eventually think of you when needing any roofing services.

Likewise, by organically sharing valuable content, you will start building solid relationships instead of trying to force a sale.

To discover the benefits of content creation for roofing companies, click here.

Pro tip: your prospects no longer want to be sold to. You need to earn their business.

4 Key Components of Online Lead Generation for Roofers

A lead is generated through information collection and trust.

The collected information comes as a result of your online marketing campaigns.

Some examples of online lead generators are newsletter subscriptions, customer service via social media, signing up for a webinar, or a prospect filling out a form to download educational content.

Some key components of online lead generation for roofers are:

  1. Call-To-Actions
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Forms
  4. Attractive Offers

Once you put all these elements together, you can create various promotional channels to link and drive traffic to your website.

In that way, you can start generating leads for your roofing company to complement your traditional marketing efforts.

Why Should You Choose Roofers Going Digital?

We create unique methods to attract all of your potential clients and prospects to your roofing services.

We will make sure your content targets their needs and pain points naturally through innovative techniques.

Start building your online lead generation strategy with us.

Schedule a consulting call today!