How to Manage Google Reviews

How to Manage Google Reviews

How to manage Google reviews is one of the most common questions we have received during 2021.

First of all, you should be aware that your customers are one of your biggest assets.

With that being said, your number one priority has to be to provide the best customer experience you can.

The most important aspect of Google reviews is that your customers will judge your roofing company based on that.

In addition, Google reviews can be the deciding factor for potential clients when they’re looking for roofing services online.

That’s why Roofers Going Digital has prepared the following article on how to manage Google reviews of your roofing company.

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How to Manage Positive Google Reviews

Positive Google reviews will show you who the happiest customers are, and you can keep them happy by replying to them.

Many roofing contractors make the common mistake of only replying to the negative ones.

However, if a happy customer took the time to leave you a positive comment, show them some appreciation and spread some love with them.

Pro tip: Avoid responding only to positive reviews that have no text.

  • How to reply to a positive review?

Answering positive reviews shows the customer that their feedback is important to you.

Follow the tips below:

  1. Answer quickly
  2. Keep it short
  3. Thank your customer
  4. Be authentic

How to Manage Negative Google Reviews

As a roofing company brand, showing your customers that you take negative feedback seriously is mandatory.

The essential strategy is to know how to handle them.

For instance, if you receive a negative Google review, you don’t have to feel devastated. 

It will happen at least once, even if it wasn’t deserved.

Pro tip: The important thing is to show your customers that your roofing company cares about them.

  • How to reply to a negative review?

Don’t just stop and answer with an explanation. Give a call to your concerned customer, apologize, and try to establish a bond.

Follow the tips below:

  1. Take a deep breath before responding
  2. Respond to all of them
  3. Approach with confidence
  4. Provide a personal touch

Reply to Every Review!

In short, you will need to get used to both positive and negative reviews when your roofing services operate online.

Therefore, it’s always a good practice to reply to every Google review, whether it’s good or bad.

Encouraging your customers to leave a review for your roofing company is an easy way to expand your brand’s reach.

How do you manage your reviews? Have you dealt with any bad experiences?

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Why Should Roofers Use Inbound Marketing?

Why Should Roofers Use Inbound Marketing

Why should roofers use inbound marketing?

The roofing industry is one of those industries that can get unlimited benefits from an inbound marketing strategy.

This is because we are in a time that when someone has a roofing leak or is suffering from roof damage, they will search for roofing contractors online.

Most of them will end up calling one of the options they have found in the search engine recommendation.

In addition, when professionally done, inbound marketing can build trust with your potential clients.

In this article, Roofers Going Digital will explain why roofers should use inbound marketing for their roofing company.

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1. It produces qualified roofing leads

Potential clients who discover your roofing business via inbound marketing will explore your website and social media channels.

It gives them a better understanding of who you are and which roofing services you offer.

In addition, they are more likely to share all of your info with other decision-makers before they can make a purchase decision.

2. It lets prospects reach out to you on their own terms

You should understand that not every person interested in your roofing company will become your customer.

Some of them will only want to get general information about your roofing products or services.

Even so, inbound marketing is less intrusive than traditional efforts and allows your prospects to reach out to you on their own terms.

3. It improves the customer experience through the sales funnel

Nowadays, people research multiple options before making any purchasing decisions; this is especially true when it comes to looking for roofing companies.

Therefore, your prospects will compare your services with other roofing contractors available in their area.

With that being said, the customer experience can be a deciding factor for your potential clients.

RGD’s inbound marketing methodology will customize your sales funnels based on what your prospects need, allowing them to enjoy and move forward at each step of the sales funnel.

4. It boosts your social media efforts

How often have you heard that social media is essential for your roofing business?

However, many roofing contractors have no idea how to use it effectively.

Inbound marketing connects with people on social media due to the relevant and shareable content.

5. It shares valuable content and info

When you share valuable content, like roofing industry trends, roofing contractor tips, commercial roofing benefits, etc., it will live on your website for as long as you want it to.

As a result, your website and social networks will start gaining traction in the search engine results, attracting more potential clients over time.

6. It builds brand awareness

With inbound marketing, your roofing company can show all the angles of your products or services, allowing your prospects to only focus on the areas that are important to them.

Focus on creating a consistent image and using the same style and tone in each piece of content.

This will not only reinforce your roofing company brand, but it will also make it easier for your prospects to connect with your company’s core values.

Roofers Going Digital’s marketing strategy!

In brief, you can be sure that the potential clients that contact you will have a genuine interest in your roofing services.

In other words, our inbound marketing is an effective way for roofing companies to generate qualified roofing leads and increase revenue.

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Digital Marketing in the Roofing Industry

Digital Marketing in the Roofing Industry

Digital Marketing in the roofing industry is just starting.

When we talk about marketing for roofing companies, we usually think of traditional advertising, such as billboard ads, door-to-door sales, or print magazines.

However, some traditional efforts are not effective anymore, especially since the pandemic started.

That’s why Roofers Going Digital has prepared for you a little overview of digital and traditional marketing in the roofing industry.

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Traditional Marketing Explained

Traditional marketing in the roofing industry plays an essential role.

Every roofer knows that door-to-door sales prospecting is still one of the best strategies out there.

However, other traditional advertising efforts, such as newspapers, TV, or radio, are losing more impact day by day.

People’s mindsets have changed, and they are tired and bored of receiving pushy advertisements.

Be aware of the following aspects of traditional marketing:

  • You don’t get a monthly report from the radio station or your billboard ads
  • Nowadays it’s easier to ignore traditional advertising
  • You have no idea if it’s working or not

Digital Marketing Explained

Digital networks are the medium through which most people spend their time.

The main difference against traditional marketing is that the sales funnel is exclusively online.

As a result, your target audience encounters marketing messages that blend into their feed, which allows you to promote your services without being intrusive.

In addition, consider these features of digital marketing:

  • Most people look for their roofing services online
  • Besides being cost-effective, it’s also measurable
  • You can get results on how well your digital marketing strategies are working

Why Contractors and Builders Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will benefit your roofing company and help it thrive so that you are established as an industry leader.

Digital strategies will create relationships between your roofing brand and the right target audience while building trust during the process.

Implementing Roofers Going Digital’s marketing strategies for the roofing industry will give you the following benefits:

  • Web traffic increase
  • Leads and sales growth
  • Search engine rankings improvement
  • A boost to customer satisfaction

Stop Losing Leads Without Even Knowing It!

Thanks to various roofing companies’ digital marketing efforts, the roofing industry has more of a presence online, meaning more and more people are searching the internet for their roofing services.

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